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September Color of the Month | Dusty Red Color Palette

Get ready for fall with our September color of the month - a muted dusty red.

September is a time of renewal and when we see the first signs of autumn, or fall, depending on your location. Anyone love different dialects? Maybe because my first stint in college was for English Education.

Reds are powerful colors, and can invoke a lot of emotions. Love, anger, lust, hunger are some of the most recognized color psychology effects of the color red.

I created four color schemes using our dusty red color of the month to show how versatile red really can be. All of the color schemes include the HEX codes, so any graphic designer can use these colors in their work, but they are actually PAINT COLORS that you can transform your home with. How versatile is that?!

The first is Canyon Dusk, which I paired the red with a muted blue, and tonal warm neutrals, to mimic a warm sunset in over the canyons in your favorite state park.

The next color scheme is Muted Woods, soft rich colors to wrap you in nature. These colors would actually be wonderful to use on the exterior of the home.

The third color scheme is so much fun, Carnival Games. Can't you just see the lights and tents in brightly colored stripes in these colors? I would do a bitchin' mural in your kids room with these.

Create the perfect master bedroom with Romantic Shades. A monochromatic scheme along with the pop of a vivacious red, to create just enough drama.

I hope these color schemes inspired you, and that you have fun with them as much as I did creating them. As you see here, the HEX codes are included on the photos, if you want the paint color information, I have it for sale on my Etsy shop, Ashley Varga Designs.

Please leave a comment or share your favorite color scheme with some friends!



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